The Aurors of Team 7 have received a bag of mysterious powder, believed to be similar to Floo Powder. Is this the key to finding the Apothecary? 
After being ambushed in the red-bricked church, Team 7 successfully apprehended three of the Apothecary's goons, and have begun to question them in order to find their master. With time running out to save Brutus, will your aurors get the information they need to finally find the Apothecary? 

On a legilimanced tip from Sarah Ryan, the aurors of Team 7 travel to a red-bricked church in Hell's Kitchen in order to find clues that will lead to the Apothecary.
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The aurors have made contact with Mr. Dustin the house elf, but can they break into the Aurors Department, liberate the Apothecary, and find Brutus?
Now New York's most wanted criminals, the Aurors of Team 6 and 7 must venture back into the city to find clues that might help them save Brutus.
Forced to resign from their positions in the NYAD and leave New York, can your aurors of team 6 and 7 band together to fight against the corruption of Aramantha Rotheschild and the Atriarchs?
As Charlie, Eric, and Dean duel three dark wizards in the street, they are confronted with a game-changing decision.
The Aurors of Team 7 must fight their way off the street after the reappearance of Damian Avery, and the disappearance of Brutus (played by special guest Michael Saqr), workshopping a new game system.
Charlie, joined by his college friend Brutus, played by special guest Michael Saqr, discover more than they bargained for in researching the mysterious symbol. Meanwhile, Eric and Dean interrogate dwarves?